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Our current inventory of mugs can be found on our Ebay web site: 

( Yes, we realize that it doesn't mention leather in the name.  That's what the "more" is for )

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100% All Leather Drinking Mugs

Elandah Leather mugs are made from 100% vegetable tanned Leather.  No Brewer's Pitch or harsh 2 part epoxy resin.  Our building method was perfected more than 45 years ago and relies on skill of construction, not Dupont.   There are over 35,000 leather mugs in circulation, and we still guarantee every one. 

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Custom Leather Mugs

Elandah Leather does make a very limited number of custom mugs every year.  Most often it's what we want to make.  But we will consider requests.  If you are looking for a one of a kind hand tooled and hand painted masterpiece, check out FAQ for more details.

Leather Belts

Leather Belts

Second only to our leather mugs, we are famous for our high quality and fair priced solid leather belts.  We tailor cut and punch every belt to your waist while you wait for a guaranteed perfect fit.

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Custom Leather Works

We do a very limited number of custom pieces every year.  Check out FAQ for more details.

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