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You Asked, We Answered

What is your “Lifetime Guarantee” ?

Our lifetime guarantee means that if the mug ever gives you trouble, we will repair it for free! Contact us via email, and we will give you the address to ship it to for fixing and TLC.

Can I drink hot liquids from my mug?

Our common answers are, "If it's too hot for your mouth, it's too hot for your mug" or "If you're not willing to pour it on your arm, don't pour it into your mug".  Scalding hot liquids like coffee and tea will boil leather hard as a rock over time.  You will get away with it for a while, but eventually the leather will warp or shrink.  And because it's now boiled into a brick, we can't fix it if it gives you problems.  So it's best if you avoid them.

How do I care for my mug?

Caring for mugs is simple! Put your drink inside, bottoms-up, and rinse it with soap (such as Dawn or Joy). DO NOT machine wash leather mugs. DO NOT leave liquids in the mug overnight.

Why can’t I put my leather mug in the dishwasher?

When leather is treated in scalding hot water, it boils, hardens, and sometimes warps. Some leather workers make mugs this way, but we have found that the mug becomes near impossible to repair when it’s rock hard. Because of this, we cannot guarantee it is fixable under the “Lifetime Guarantee”

My mug is wet on the outside. Does it have a leak?

Most likely not.  If you have moisture (condensation) on the surface of your mug then your mug is just sweating. However, if you see spotting around the lace of the mug, it may have a small leak. This is common, and not lethal. If it does cause you concern, feel free to contact us.

Do you do custom work?

Short Answer:  Yes, but....... 

Long Answer:  After over 20 years of doing custom work for others, I've decided that I am going to spend more time doing the work that I want to do.  Custom work involves a fair amount of head scratching and trial and error.  Both of which take time and cost money.  I give priority to my Patreon supporters.  But for everyone else,  If I have the time and you have the money (and you are willing to wait for your piece to get done) We may be able to work something out.  For more answers, please visit my Patreon page

Why don't you answer your Telephone?

For every business phone call I get, I get 10 calls from somebody in Timbuktu trying to tell me I won the Egyptian Lottery.  I'm not willing to stop what I am doing to answer the phone.   If you want to contact me, please email me at or message me through Facebook at

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