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 Elandah Leather mugs are the highest quality leather drinking vessel. Each mug is handcrafted in the USA using a 38 step process, and is marked with their own unique serial number and the official Elandah Leather stamp. They are crafted with 2 layers of quality, vegetable tanned leather from American tanneries. The double-walled construction acts as a natural insulator, which keeps your drinks cool in the blistering heat. Our natural sealing method allows you to enjoy natural looking leather without the off taste of other sealing techniques. Our mugs are built to last, and each holds our lifetime guarantee.

NO Inserts, Liners, Brewers pitch, Beeswax, or harsh chemical sealers. All Natural.
NOT Made for boiling-hot liquids. “If you can’t pour it on your arm, don’t pour it in a mug.”
NOT Dishwasher Safe.

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≈ 6" x 4¼"
Holds approximately 24 oz. of your preferred beverage.